The Ever Blessed

A Just Man, Espoused to a Virgin Named Mary.

He is the “renowned offspring of David,” a Judahite and in the line of the great king. Being a king himself by right of his noble birth, he is placed as Lord over his master’s household, to be called “father” by the Father of all creation.

He is the “light of Patriarchs,” the beacon that all fathers and patriarchs of old were oriented towards. Greater than Abraham, more luminous than Jacob, though without seed outnumbering the stars, he holds in his arm and under his vanguard the Eternally begotten seed of the Father of lights.

He is the “spouse of the Mother of God.”

He is the “chaste guardian of the Virgin,” shielding the New Ark of the Covenant from defilement, because within her is the law made flesh, a high priest greater than Holy Aaron, and the true Bread from Heaven.

He is the “foster father of the Son of God,” fashioned in the likeness of the Heavenly Father. To the Son, his arms bear resemblance of the eternal arms of the Godhead. In his chaste embrace, the Son is glorified, and Wisdom itself grows in wisdom.

He is the “diligent protector of Christ,” he protects the Woman and her seed from the usurper of his father’s throne, and so keeps this office of guardian for her heel, protecting the mystical Body from that rebel who desires to usurp God’s likeness.

He is the “head of the Holy Family,” the model of perfection for every head of every family, seeking to become holy.

Joseph most just, raising the Son of Justice Himself.

Joseph most chaste, vowed in virginal purity, and consecrated to the Immaculate.

Joseph most prudent.

Joseph most strong.

Joseph most obedient, Joseph most faithful, responding to the call of God’s messenger and fulfilling, with all worthiness of trust, the commands of God.

Mirror of patience, lover of poverty, rightly deserving the riches of David’s house, but choosing Nazareth and forsaking all to find all.

Model of artisans, taking to himself as an apprentice the Son of God, the one who would be called the son of a carpenter.

Glory of home life, whose home in Nazareth housed the Glory of the Father.

Guardian of virgins.

Pillar of families.

Solace of the wretched.

Hope of the sick, patron of the dying, passing from this life to the next in the presence of the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Terror of demons! Protector of Holy Church!

Pray for us.