The Ever Blessed

Jesus Meets His Mother

During Lent, we Catholics have a rich and age-old tradition of praying the Stations of the Cross every Friday. This devotion finds it’s richness in meditating on the 14 “stations” or stages of Christ’s way to Golgotha, from His condemnation to His burial, found in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. A great way to practice this devotion is to read and pray each station through the eyes of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mary had the most intimate relationship with our Lord, so it is fitting that we identify ourselves with her when we consider His sufferings—as she was the one most deeply affected by the cross with the one exception of Christ Himself. In light of this, I wrote the following meditation on the 4th station, “Jesus Meets His Mother.” I hope it helps you grasp the rich nature of this devotion.

The crowd roars. There are screams, insults, lamentation, orders and lashes from the guards, all in a terrible crescendo that never resolves, never plateaus.


She hears none of it.


Above this deafening symphony of sorrow, a mother & handmaid hears something louder. There are shortened breaths, the splintering of wood dragged over stone, staggered footsteps—which she matches, to keep at an empathetic pace—and a heartbeat rising in a more dramatic fashion than the loudness of the crowd around her. He falls, the crowd roars on, but It all stops.


She hears nothing.


A mother runs to meet her son. The lowly handmaid runs to meet the Most High God. As mother, she wants to offer the consolation of her face and voice. As handmaid, she wants to offer the consolation and reparation of her love.


Let it be done unto me. They have no wine.


This is her son, the flesh of her flesh and bone of her bone. This is her God, the mighty one of Israel showing the strength of His arm. Yet, pushed to the limit of rejection and exhaustion, He falls. Perhaps she says nothing. Perhaps she merely pushes through the crowd, lowers herself to Him as He once did to her, and locks her eyes to His. Staring deeply therein, they speak without words. He rises, and it hurts. She lost Him once in Jerusalem, and it’s about to happen again.


She hears everything.


Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us!

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!