The Ever Blessed

The Woman and the Man

The CoRedemptrix: A Week Before His Passion, We Remember Her Compassion

If you’ve ever given something to a homeless person (money, food, etc.), you know that you didn’t do enough for him. The Master commands us, [...]

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Jesus Meets His Mother

During Lent, we Catholics have a rich and age-old tradition of praying the Stations of the Cross every Friday. This devotion finds it’s richness in [...]

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The Poetry of St. John of the Cross and the Resignation of Mary’s Will to God

Today on the Novus Ordo liturgical calendar it is the memorial of St. John of the Cross, doctor of the Church. Today we celebrate St. [...]

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“Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?” St. Augustine Explains

The following is an excerpt from a sermon given by Saint Augustine (which can be found in Sermo 25, 7-8: PL 46, 937-938). The verse [...]

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